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Why isn’t MP3’s working? I’ll get an 404 Error.

I’ve seen that loads of people came through MP3 search engines and then what happens? Like Sarah who didn’t get to download Just Head with Nervous Eaters. My response:”No Sarah they’re all here. But I guess you came through an … Continue reading

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Banned from KBD

Some of you including myself gets banned from time to time. The ban filter ain’t flawless so if that happens just drop me a line.

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Comics are fun

Added a new category to the link list: Comics. Be sure to check out the amazing Dennis Worden´s website.

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Shit happens (__*__)

So it happened again. All my mail lost. Kind of a relief in a way. But if you´ve sent an email to the blog lately it´s time to do it again.

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Woozy (Ass)Viper

Got a spam mail from a desperate band that sends out their crappy stuff without checking the content of the blog they´re approaching. So to be fair I here post the whole conversation: “On 12/22/09 10:25 PM, Woozy Viper wrote: … Continue reading

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