Do NOT send ANY mp3s!! We’re not interested. If you want to get featured send a link where we can hear the stuff that you’ve put out on VINYL(NO CDs or whatever) and we might want you to send a copy for review. DON’T POST ANY LINKS HERE! They will be
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  1. bob says:

    just clicked on the 7in punk link in the mp3 blog list and it comes up with some disgusting gay porn shit.

  2. band: American Werewolf Academy
    home: Dallas, TX
    7″ single: The Hop w/ The Kid Stays in the Picture – colored vinyl
    label: Damnably Records, London UK
    sounds like: Cheap Trick, Jay Reatard, Guided By Voices

    I’ll send you copies if you give an address.

  3. madmohawk says:

    Hey hey. I recently saw a 7″ from the Belgian punk-band CHARTS on e-bay and you can download 2 samples of the 7″(sold ). As a Belgian myself i never heard of these band before and i don’t know witch city they came frome. Maybe you can tell me more about theme. Did you ever have heard off BLAST a Belgium proto punkband with a 7″ in 1973 (check youtube) thx

  4. Dee Miranda Hames says:

    I would like to talk to Behjan about my husband and his music. The band he asked for recordimgs from was “The Nothing”. Angel Electra…….please contact me and I think I can help you!

  5. brent alberta says:

    Hey not sure if i have the right guy but my name is brent and rob was my best friend growing up then unfortunately i went to prison for quite a while and lost contact would love to talk to my childhood friend again that drove the white mustang if i got the wrong site and this isn’t my brother from denvale circle, HB please disreguard if this is rob then call me 904 206 9929 respectfully b

  6. spooky action says:

    Just stumbled across your site and it’s the shit. Found so much stuff I haven’t heard in years.

  7. Pete Stitt says:

    Just an unashamed plug here. Strange Ways will be playing live again for the first time in twenty-eight years this October in Hull so please support a bunch of old punks. Aside from “My Life’s A Jigsaw” (cheers Bristol Boy) check out punk 77 and bored teenagers websites.

    On the record front, we are recording again and our song “Free Willy Caught Kate” (no need to explain this one) should be on Youtube soon. However, like this website, we support vinyl and a six track demo we recorded back in 1981 that has never seen the light of day is going to be released on vinyl as an EP with a CD free with every copy.

    Last night, after ten and a half hours in the studio, I put a DVD on to relax with and the film got three quarters of the way through and then cut out and refused to play. They haven’t got the technology right and the digital switch-over is going to make things even worse. I’m sticking with vinyl and I’m really happy this website has the balls to make the stand it is. Not frightened of technology otherwise I wouldn’t be on this computer writing this rant but I just want technology to do what it says on the tin and, up to now, it doesn’t

    God bless punk,

    Pete Stitt and Strange Ways

  8. The Truth Fairy says:

    Hi, I was just hoping you could help me find a song that I believe I downloaded here…

    All I remember is that it’s an early (77-82?) english punk song about stabbing a girl and running away. I’ve searched through 80 gigs of music but I can’t seem to find it. I’ve become totally obsessed with hearing it again, and it’s driving me nuts.


  9. Martin says:

    How about the Maggots, I think they sing about stabbing her eyes out or something like that;

  10. Hans Backlund says:


    If you could record ‘Predator – Punk man’, i would really appreciate it. Never had that particular single, it was impossible to find even in ’78, but i heard it from a tape recording by Moses (HC/Massmedia), a long time ago in a country not that far away. As i remember, it was distorted as hell. Just the way i liked it, even today. Search and you will find… Probably a bargain price.

    The man in black

  11. Monger says:

    If you have it,can you post THE EXIT “who asked you?/Out in the street” 7″?..would like to hear the flipside,as i heard the one on “staring down the barral

  12. chris says:

    found an old demo tape of a band called sudden death.. from canada. ever heard of them?
    or do you want to…???

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Hi Chris!
      Nope only knew about the label Sudden Death. Would love to hear it. Send me an email if you have an mp3 or something.

  13. Hey hope all has been well with you… It’s been quite some time my friend
    I have a new project i’m working on now called YES MISTRESS
    If you e-mail me your address I can send you some bullshit :)
    all the best

  14. Sean says:

    I’m tryin’ to find out who the band is playing this song in the background. The movie’s called Puberty Blues and is an Aussie flick from ’81. The song sounds like a KBD style band. In fact, they sound a lot like The Buzzcocks, The Notsensibles and Thought Criminals combined. Does anyone know who this band is???

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sounds very much like Howard Devoto singing.

  16. Rob Arnold says:

    The Breakers perform Lipstick and leather live in a pub in this movie. While the topic is still going, there is another rock song in this movie i can not find and can’t turn up anything online either, its not listed in imdb or at the end of the film.

    Its played at 3:20 into this clip, if anyone can help out it would make all my christmas wishes come true

  17. sergio says:

    where can i put the link if not here? got some contemporary stuff to promove ’cause the junkies cannot steal a concert even for a dose, please help me! i’ll send you the records guys!


    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Hi Sergio! You have the email adress in the “Contact” section. Send me a link to what you want to send and I’ll have a listen in case I’m interested in you sending something.

  18. sergio says:

    … i can’t see any mail address … :O ?!

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    info at

  20. purzel says:

    hey guys!
    could you say, where i can get any music from the vicious (in germany/ german labels)?
    i know this band since three years or something… i thaought about their great sound on these days.
    i would like to have some lps/eps/tapes or what ever they have… i hope you can help me.

    • ph says:

      Hallo Purzel

      die einzige scheibe von the vicious welche du noch gut finden kannst ist die letzte 7″ (igen) z.b. über greenhell.
      der rest ist wohl vergriffen bis rar.

  21. The links for your punk zine archive and the mod pop punk archives are not working.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Thanks for the heads up Stephen! Too bad the Punk Zine archive is gone since they hosted the Flipside PDF:s. Anyone know where they reside now?

  22. The Cringer says:

    I just realized, I have had in my possession, for about 2 decades, a copy of the original promo of Red Squares “Time Change & “Modern Roll”
    Any interested parties, contact me for pricing, before it goes on ebay.

    A former band member (drummer/singer) and co-contributor on both songs.

  23. Chris says:

    Hey there!! Ever heard this?? It’s INCREDIBLE!

    Some reference online to them being from Sweden; elsewhere it says Germany.

    We need to know more!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Not that interesting in my opinion.

    • Sean says:

      Hey man, that band is from Germany on the Rockin’ Bones label. They’ve got three records out, two of ‘m are on YouTube. I’m “TelevisionTrash”, the dude who uploaded it. Thanks for diggin’ the sounds, I love that band. Their third record is a split but I can’t find it anywhere. After they split, a few members went on to form the band The Kidnappers and have moved around from several locations. That’s about all the info I’ve got, but do know they are from Cologne, Germany, not Sweden.

  24. Sonja Abrahamsson says:

    After dating a Jew for many years, I never understood what a Jew was, except that I wasn’t one of “the tribe” and that his parents hated me for this reason. At any rate, can you enlighten me by posting some Jewish punk, ethnic, religious, cultural or otherwise? Thanks.

  25. Sean says:

    By any chance, does anyone have any info on this group:

    What year was this released? Sounds like a 4-track recording, could be from the early 80’s, but for some reason I wanna say early 90’s. I can’t find ANY info at all besides one site that states it’s from ’82 but I can’t just go by that since the site gives no other info on the band. I was hoping if it WAS early 80’s, someone on here may know. Thanks!

  26. The punk zine link on the right sidebar seems not to lead to ant zines

  27. Thanks for the link on 7inch punk. By the link I assume the 7 inch refer to the penises of the three old farts (punks?) giving each other head. My wife asked me some questions by the way of what kind of sites I’m visiting

  28. Chris says:

    Any chance of posting the Wayouts’ ep “Wild at the Beach” from Toronto 1979?

  29. dave says:

    have you got ( THE )PATROL – songs of freedom / their own way released in 1980 ????

  30. John says:

    I know asking for something so specific is pretty unlikely, but do you have the
    Turnbuckles – Super Destroyer Mark II 7″

  31. elshano says:

    Wish I could offer some vinyl – even the beaten 30-40 year old cassettes that along with records “disappeared” long ago – unfortunately I have to be a leech! I do want to express how much this site means to me, since finding the posting of my friend “Marco Pogo’s” band, Schematix, some time ago. This along with other tunes that you won’t find up their with the Clash, Ramones, etc. is why I’m so glad to come to this site. Thanks and keep it up! Believe me, if anything ever does come my way, I’ll send it …

  32. Chano says:

    Does anyone know where I can download the Law And Order 7 “ep (” Anything But The Critic’s Choice “)? The few links I found on the internet don’t work. I think it’s the only early 80’s USHC rec that i’ve never heard… I’d be grateful to anyone who could help me. :)

  33. leo says:

    (…and if you like it i have a spare copy for sale ah ah! : P )

  34. Sean says:

    I’m glad to announce I finally found that mystery band/song from the film Puberty Blues, I had posted a video of the scene where the song is playing but it wasn’t ringing any bells for anyone. Henry Weld over at Collectorscum had a friend crack the case, and here it is:

    I think the band is the Colin Lloyd Band, the song is called “Badly Bruised, Slightly Stoned”. Such a killer song!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      This is song is a killer for sure!! Thanks!!

      • Chris says:

        Man that’s incredible. Seems it was the studio creation of London music library DeWolfe for use as background in TV and film (check their catalogue, it’s still listed). Possibly the best punxploitation track ever!!

  35. Sean says:

    Anyone have any info on the Canadian Surf Punk band “Mark Malibu and The Wasagas”?? Can’t find any info on ’em anywhere but according the site “”, they were Toronto’s first Surf Punk band.

  36. Gabe says:

    I’m posting my friends band, Bad Coyotes in hopes that they might possibly get featured on here.If you dig the track..I’m more than happy to mail you a 7” if you like. They are a contemporary band from the SF Bay Area (Oakland, to be specific). S/T released 2011.

  37. Sean says:

    Anyone know the name of the Go Betweens song that plays at 3:31?!? This has been driving me nuts for a while now…

  38. Steve says:

    Hello, every time I try to download tunes from your site I get bumped off. In other words the download does not complete. Please help

  39. laila says:

    hello would like to know how I can contact you to show you that I’m a singer looking for a job as a singer in a label Israeli

  40. Greg Jones says:

    Just did a nostalgic google search for the band “The Nubs” and and was happily surprised to come upon your blog. My brother, Ron Jones, who was the lead guitarist for the band and composer of much of their work, passed away last week. I will be directing some people to your blog (and specifically to your page about The Nubs) in tribute to Ron. Thanks for appreciating the band.

    Feel free to contact me by email if you would like more information on the band.

    • Nathan.G says:

      There are two bands of that name on this site. One from Cali which made a classic tune called “Job.” Also another from New Hampshire who blasted out a mindblowing ripper – “I Don’t Need You.” To which band are you referring to?

  41. Chris says:

    The Chicanes, “Cry a Little” – Amazing powerpop from 1981 –

  42. Steven B. says:

    This is a low budget recording of my band White Slaves !

  43. Steven B. says:

    This is a low budget recording of my band White Slaves !

  44. Sean says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the song at 32:00 is Kirk and The Jerks? And if so, what’s the name of the track? Can’t find it ANYWHERE and have been searching for years.

    “I’ve got no soul to tell. Well I’m too bad for heaven baby, but I’m too good for hell”

    • Steven says:

      It is an unreleased song by Kirk and the Jerks according to all the info I have found on it. It is titled Too Bad For Heaven, Too Good For Hell, and as far as I know the only place to hear it is Shackle Me Not.

  45. tonyo says:

    I need help to find a band´s name!!!
    I´m looking for know it since 1987!!!
    I recorded this song in a local radio show but I dont know the name of the band;
    Please,if someone know the name of first band on video let me know!!!
    i will give a reward!!!
    thanks for your time

  46. Yriy says:


    Jag såg din blogg och vill fråga dig. Har du några grejer om bandet heter Black Uniforms från Malmö, Sverige?

    Jag letar efter olika saker för min zine om dem, liksom sällsynta bilder, intervjuer, länkar och etc. ..

    Det kommer att se ut som jag gör det med Cimex




    I saw your blog and want to ask you. Have you some stuff about the band called Black Uniforms from Malmo, Sweden?

    I am looking for different things for my zine about them, as well as rare photos, interviews, links and etc. ..

    It will look like I’m doing it with Cimex


  47. Cunt says:

    Thought I had heard a lot of punk. DUH! This site has revolutionised my personal soundtrack to life and refreshed my once jaded ears. All you guys deserve an honorary O.B.E! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! 10/10

    • Gixxer77 says:

      About posting Aussie bands dont forget ‘Aggro’-Johnny Dole and The Scabs, yours is one of the best sites about always enjoy a wander listening to the music that i bought at the arse end of the 70’s in a shithole town in Yorkshire and still a big part of my life now, dont stop KBD. A band from my youth are back after 32years playing and writing again check out ‘Stand Accused’ , old punks rock.

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