The Law – King Size Cigarette E.P. 7″


Not too interesting except for one song: Reason for Treason. If you remember the Parasites they actually outdid the original version. Cheers!

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: On-Fly Girl
Format: 7″
King Size Cigarette.mp3
Hole In My Heart.mp3
Satellite Rock.mp3
Reason For Treason.mp3

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The Realtors – Buy Or Beware E.P. 7″



Blog saved for this time! Could never believed that you should support the site cause of lack of updates but you proved me wrong. Here’s a little something to go along with the
current lock down times.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Realty
Format: 7″
Not Acceptable.mp3
Where Is Bed?.mp3
Sell Out.mp3
Guilty By Association.mp3

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V/A – Meathouse Cassette


Meaty and classic. Sadly missing the booklet so if anyone has some good scans of it to provide please leave a comment. If you don’t have the booklet feel free to leave a comment anyway. Mommy called so I gotta go.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Format: Cassette
Label: Version Sound
Minutemen - Split Red.mp3
Minutemen - Base King.mp3
Minutemen - Prelude.mp3
JFA - Skateboard.mp3
JFA - Baja.mp3
JFA - Out Of School.mp3
Red Scare - Don’t Look In The Basement.mp3
Red Scare - Red Rum.mp3
Scapegoats - Fingers.mp3
Scapegoats - I Like The Streets.mp3
Mourning Noise - Underground Zero.mp3
Battalion Of Saints - Holy Vision.mp3
Battalion Of Saints - Witchworld.mp3
Crucifucks – Hinkley Had A Vision.mp3
Rebel Truth - Think About It.mp3
Mob - Hit And Run.mp3
Delinquents - Metalhead.mp3
Betrayed - Betrayed By You.mp3
Betrayed - Fight For You.mp3
Betrayed - Self Oppression.mp3
Blight - Blight.mp3
Tar Babies - Be Humble.mp3
Tar Babies - New Poor.mp3
Mecht Mensch - Land Of The Brave.mp3
Mecht Mensch - Revenge.mp3
Mecht Mensch - Govt Lies.mp3
Law & Order - Money.mp3
Radical Left - Society Hates You.mp3
Radical Left - Mash.mp3
Radical Left - La La.mp3
Savage Circle - Eat The Rich.mp3
Savage Circle - We Don’t Have To.mp3
Negative Element - National Socialism.mp3
ROTA - No Fun Til I’m 21.mp3a
Suburbicide - Fugitive.mp3
Sacred Order - Fewer Words.mp3
Capitol Punishment – Clovis.mp3
Bollocks - Riot On The Rocks.mp3
The End - Star Whores.mp3
Sin 34 - Who Needs Them.mp3
The Exiled - Louie Louie.mp3

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Isotope Soap to the UK

I’m coming over to the UK with my band. Do you care? Maybe not. But come over and don’t care at the gig. Band feature members from: Regulations, Pusrad, Raped Teenagers, Bear Quartet, Paper, JÖS, Sphynx and Dold Agenda.




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Liliput – S/T 7″


Hello World!

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1980
Label: Off Course
Format: 7″
Eisiger Wind.mp3
When The Cat’s Away Then The Mice Will Play.mp3

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