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Pointed Sticks – American Song 7″

I do love Pointed Sticks immensely but was really disappointed when I heard the Perfect Youth LP. It had loads of great songs but the production/mastering(?) was/is incredibly weak. Here’s a one sided DJ promo of one of the greater … Continue reading

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The Government – Hemingway Hated Disco Music 7″

Here’s a REAL punk record for once. If I can figure out the lyrics Hemingway hated disco music cause it was kind of gay? If not I don’t care. It’s about how disco sucks or something. Good enough. I only… … Continue reading

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Genetic Control – S/T E.P. 7″

I know this EP isn’t perfect. If they only had left out Urban Cowboy and replaced it with their best track Suburban Life found on the Primitive Air-Raid comp… Still a classic and the rest of the three songs are … Continue reading

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Wasted Lives/Big Black Puppets – False Hopes 7″

Divorce…I’m out of words. It’s up there with the best songs of Modernettes or Pointed Sticks. No wonder you find Mary Jo(named Pebbles here) here before she joined the Modernettes. Andy, drums, and Colin, guitar, later joined UJ3RK5 that released … Continue reading

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Adaptors – Trust In Technology/In The Slot 7″

Many of you may have heard this one before? I heard it for the first time just a couple of weeks ago and went nuts. WHY haven’t anyone told me about Adaptors before? This is a killer 7inch to me. … Continue reading

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