Neck Tie Party – Stranger Still E.P. 7″

One great track: Squash… Too bad the other two are such clunkers. If you’re a music journalist you can fill in the rest in the comments below.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Little Boris
Format: 7″
Stranger Still.mp3
Little Darlin’.mp3
Squash (Splat) (Yuch) (Oh My!!!!).mp3

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No Thanks – Are You Ready To Die E.P. 7″

Peace punk my ass, this is pure hate! Just cause you add a peace sign on the back of the sleeve it won’t bring world peace. Fuck you posuer(sic)!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Dead Space
Format: 7″
Are you ready to die?.damage
Office jerk/ Rat cheese.damage
Fuck everything.damage

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The Sleepers – Angel In A Raincoat E.P. 7″

Here’s a 7″ that kept haunting me for quite some time before I finally got it in a trade with my good friend Laszlo. Before that I won a copy on ebay that got lost in the mail, bought  a copy on discogs where the seller changed his mind and cancelled the order, a friend found it at Utrecht that I thought was too expencive as well as I got outbid a few times. Probably took 5 years from the first time I heard it til I landed it all in all. And the title track is still one of the greatest pop-punk/ melodic punk/ powerpop moments that never got the attention it deserved when it was released. The other 3 songs are super solid pop blasts as well.
500 copies in total and increasing in price all the time, but thankfully Queen Mum did a reissue of it in a nice sleeve with a little info etc earlier this year.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: BAT
Format: 7″
Angel in a raincoat.mp3
A murder.mp3

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V/A – Process Of Elimination E.P. 7″


All killer no fillers though I have a soft spot for NA, Toxic Reasons and the McDonalds tracks. A classic comp. Kids love it. Adults love it.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Touch And Go
Format: 7″
Necros – Bad Dream.mp3
Meatmen- Meat Men Stomp.mp3
Negative Approach – Lost Cause.mp3
Youth Patrol – Americas Power.mp3
Toxi Reasons – Riot Squad.mp3
Violent Apathy – I Can’t Take It.mp3
Mcdonalds – Miniature Golf.mp3
The Fix – No Idols.mp3

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Remo Voor – Toilet Love / Frogrammer 7″

It’s been way too long since last time I posted something here. In fact, this is my first post this year! I’m sure all of you have asked yourself what I’ve been doing instead. Maybe the sweet, handsome and lovin’ guy Martin has started a new band you thought for yourself. And you’re right! I have a new band! Is that new band influenced by Remo Voor you ask yourself. Aren’t all great bands is my simple answer to that great question. Remo Voor is almost too good to be true, and the amazing lyrics adds that extra touch of confusion that only a band that don’t really know the language they sing in. I love it, and I know you will as well. And you will love my new band as well.

By the way, I got a spare copy of this 7″ for sale if someone’s looking for it.

Country: Germany
Year: 1979
Label: Strawberry
Format: 7″
Toilet love.mp3


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