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Dundas – Bloodshot In Your Eyes 7″

I doubt anyone with a close mind will dig this one, but to me Dundas manage to mix 60’s garage rock and punk’s DIY ethos and attitude in the same way as ‘O’ level’s did. Bloodshot in your eyes is … Continue reading

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The Electric Vomit – 1979 Montreal Punk E.P. 7″

“We used to smash discarded TV sets filled with rotting rubbish onstage…We turned a mannequin we found in the garbage into our mascot and rigged some tubing so it could puke pea-soup.” punk was way more exciting before hardcore and … Continue reading

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Lowlife – Leaders E.P. 7″

Well, let´s see if this is going to be the only post this month or if I can get my ass out of my thumb a couple more times. An encounter over at Erichs Good Bad Music led me to … Continue reading

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D.O.A. – S/T 7″

The second best DOA 7inch after World War 3 in my opinion. DOA is really a mixed bag for me. Of their fullenghts it´s only Hardcore 81 that works. Sure there´s a couple of good tracks here and there but … Continue reading

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The Presence – Meeting The Demands Of Society Is No Excuse E.P. 7″

Oh Canadu. Joining Minutemen(USA) and Seems Twice(Australia) The Presence blows off some arty punk steam in the same vein. A couple of fillers but enough great tracks to make it worth a post. I wish I knew something about these … Continue reading

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